For which kind of inflammation is SODERMIX® suitable?

SODERMIX® is suitable for any kind of cutaneous inflammation. Anyhow, it was observed that certain types of inflammations are "preferred indications" for SODERMIX® : for instance pompholyx (dyshidrosis), rosacea, eczema and certain forms of psoriasis.

Is SODERMIX® able to completely remove inflammation?

In certain cases, when the inflammation is caused by an external source and in case of eviction of the causative factor, SODERMIX® can completely and definitely remove the inflammation. In other cases where a systemic involvement exists (for instance psoriasis) it will only improve the condition and recurrence is possible as it is with any other treatment.

For which type of scars is SODERMIX® useful?

SODERMIX® can be used on any type of scars, recent or ancient ones, on the face or body.

Does SODERMIX® help to avoid scars?

Scars cannot be completely avoided as long as the skin has been ruptured; however SODERMIX® can help to make it less visible

SODERMIX® must never be applied before total healing of the wound.

Can SODERMIX® completely remove my scar?

After a skin rupture, a scar will always appear and cannot be completely removed.

Anyhow, SODERMIX® helps to reduce it and improve its appearance.

Which is the frequency of use of SODERMIX®?

SODERMIX® should be used regularly twice a day on the affected area, morning and night, on clean and dry skin.

How long can I use SODERMIX®?

SODERMIX® can be used without inconvenience over long periods of time when it appears necessary, principally in the course of chronic dermatological disorders.

Which is the skin tolerance of SODERMIX®?

It is excellent, and no case of intolerance was reported along the clinical trials conducted with SODERMIX®.

Can I use SODERMIX® in children?

SODERMIX® can perfectly be used in children, due to its excellent tolerance, and it was tried in children during the clinical trials preceding its introduction on the market.

When must I discontinue to use SODERMIX®?

Use of SODERMIX® must be discontinued in case of redness, pain or irritation occurring or worsening in the course of treatment.

Are there any precautions when using SODERMIX®?

SODERMIX® is designed exclusively for external use, and must not be applied on the mucous membranes nor too close to the eyes.