How SODERMIX® works

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a highly effective free radicals scavenger

The causing factors of inflammation may be various (infectious, immunological, mechanical by traumatism or by rubbing).

In all cases, the occurrence of inflammation is due to the release in our organism of inflammatory promoters , named cytokines or chemokines.

There is a wide range of such inflammatory agents, and most of them are under influence of free radicals produced by our organism.

Further, inflammation is usually accompanied by a higher release of free radicals, which permit the maintenance and development of inflammation.

Then, the inflammatory process is featuring a cascade phenomenon , which is self-maintaining, unless it is correctly managed.

SODERMIX® is effectively working on inflammation through its high content in natural Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

Superoxide Dismutase is an enzyme which is present all over our organism, and aims to destroy the free radicals originating from the physiological metabolism.

When the production of free radicals is higher than it is normally (as it is the case in inflammatory processes) our pool of Superoxide Dismutase appears to be insufficient for reestablishing a physiological balance, and there is a need for bringing supplementary Superoxide Dismutase from outside.

By topical application of SODERMIX®, you are bringing this supplement of Superoxide Dismutase which is needed to fight against inflammation and improves it.

As per pruritus, this is only a consequence of inflammation, and once the latter is duly managed, pruritus will disappear.